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Look at this!!! LOOK AT THIS! Spread this shit like wildfire! Safe Trek!

ok, so way back in December I set into motion an idea. On February 9th 2014 the International Star Registry named a star. It was in the Aquarius constellation (will post a photo etc later) the New name for the star became:  Thomas W. Hiddleston - Shining Star. It was to be a birthday gift, if you will. I am finally in posession of the documents & charts etc. So….  I thought I would write a letter to go with the gift and thought perhaps some of my extened Hiddlestoner Family would like to add their two cents. IF you would like me to add a comment for you, just reply to my Twitter ilovescotts and I will include the comment and your @ name. 

I chose the star as a way for all us Hiddlestoners to be able to look up in the night sky and feel a little closer (to Tom and each other). We are, after all, a family of sorts. (Think Fival in An American Tale lol)

I figure I would do twitter as to keep my hand from falling off as I know we can get long winded. Twitter will help me fit more comments this way.

I had been working on it during the “TomSpirit Week” I wanted to try and get your Birthday wishes etc collected and transfer them to paper. I had some crazy times here and am finally able to get seriously down with sending this out. 

I figured since so many of us were involved in the spirit week and always communicating, I wanted to add our wishes to him etc. So… Now I am seeking your comments to send him, I will include your Twitter tag with comment.

My small contribution to the whole Birthday Celebration. I am not as talented in the art area as I once was so this is my way to express appreciation.

Thank You



Hugh Jackman wishes Happy Valentine’s Day. |  x.

My Hugh! 


Happy 33rd Birthday Tom Hiddleston! Feb 9 1981

From everyone on the internet. Thank you for existing, for your very pretty face and for being an overall awesome guy!  [IYou sexy nerdy goofy piece of nom nom I want to get me som som lol]

For some time now I have been searching. Searching for a way to fix things, get them back to where they once were. After 13 years of marriage and a beautiful son of 10, I find myself living with a different man. The man I once thought was John Cusack is apparently John Malchovich in reality.

True I am not perfect, but I never hide my emotions or issues. He knew going in who I was. Now he tells me it is all my fault. His change in personality, his lack of compassion, lack of kindness is all because he thought I would change.

Now our son has been diagnosed with anxiety and the first words from him are, “well that’s not good. I mean don’t you agree it is bad that we caused this?” After a distinct pause I said you mean me don’t you, that I made him have anxiety… He said nothing then “well it runs in you so”…

I doubt there is any way to ever “fix” this or “fix me”

Tom Hiddleston + Dancing

I can not Not repost ever

Schoep, a 19 year old dog, is taken into the lake every night by his owner, John, to help soothe his arthritis and help him fall asleep.

John is a wonderful man!


apparently there’s an important episode of football on this weekend

I heard something about this, I understand it will be sometime around when the “Good to be Bad” Jaguar commercial is to air.