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I just do not understand the mindset of people in this current day and age.?! What the hell is going on? Everywhere I turn there is Politically correct this and that crap. I for one am sick of it. (I respect various areas of PC, however when it becomes some make shift crutch  that every one swings wildly around I draw the line.)

I myself am a heterosexual female. (granted I am more asexual) That said, I am all for Love between two people no matter what their orientation. So long as ttwo human beings love one another and treat each other with respect and compassion, God Bless them! I do however find this “alternative life style topic semi stomache turning at times in that now we have Heterosexual, Bi sexual, homosexual, asexual, panseual…. when will it stop? Again, I respect each person for their own ways, all I ask is for the same in return.

Then there is the hole freakin religion bombshell. I am one of those few that follow the Coexist theory. I myself have been a studier of spirituality, religion and occult. I have practiced as a white (and color) witch for a many number of years, however I do also believe in one supreme being, The Heavenly Father and our Mother Earth. I do not hold a grudge to anyone who believes otherwise. in fact along with my beliefs I also tend to adhear to the ancient astronaught theory, which by the way does Not deny a God.

This brings me however to where this rant stemmed from. I know of an atheist, who posts his thigs on Facebook etc and tends to debate with anyone who has an alt view. Fine, nothing rong with that. BUT to turn around and tell me I am being deleted for posting a video that offended them, and because I did not stick up for him when others commented back and forth with him? You want freedom of speech and individual opinions unless they do not work with yours? Um Hello?!

Sorry I just get so sick and tired of having to watch what I sat dare I offend someone who would not give a rat’s ass if they offended me? POOR FORM society, poor form.

the Golden Rule…. Do on to others as You would have done unto you.

so if you spit on me don’t act so flabberghasted when someone spits on you.

love ya @joshgroban !

Slowly he entered the quiet hotel room. Tossing the key card on the turned down bed he shed the bulkier attire and draped it over a chair back. Long slender fingers traced the still red palm print that adorned his tender cheek after countless takes of a seemingly simple moment and a soft low breath escaped his thin lips.

He was exhausted, that is, his poor body was anyway. Shooting scenes for a movie can be grueling on those involved. When the audience watches the final cuts in their entirty they are completely unaware of the time and effort behind each flawless scene. Where actors and actresses endure hellish times hitting marks, cooperative props and conditions, and so many other variables. And this had been one such day. For here it was nearing midnight when the director blessed the cast and crew by dismissing staff to resume  two days later.

A single wine glass was present upon the table, obviously set by the turn down service for his arriavl. With it a silvery dome concealing nourishment for the young gentleman. The deep rich red wine resembled dark blood at times when the ambient light caught it just right. His other hand quickly swept it up from the table and let the luscious liquid slowly sway over his tongue. What ever it was it was purely divine….

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Tom Hiddleston + Shirtless

DROOLS Tom doesn’t have a six pack he haves an 8 pack ♥___♥ beautiful body

and THIS is exactly why I have to pop on to Tumblr! Lord have mercy!


Look at this!!! LOOK AT THIS! Spread this shit like wildfire! Safe Trek!

ok, so way back in December I set into motion an idea. On February 9th 2014 the International Star Registry named a star. It was in the Aquarius constellation (will post a photo etc later) the New name for the star became:  Thomas W. Hiddleston - Shining Star. It was to be a birthday gift, if you will. I am finally in posession of the documents & charts etc. So….  I thought I would write a letter to go with the gift and thought perhaps some of my extened Hiddlestoner Family would like to add their two cents. IF you would like me to add a comment for you, just reply to my Twitter ilovescotts and I will include the comment and your @ name. 

I chose the star as a way for all us Hiddlestoners to be able to look up in the night sky and feel a little closer (to Tom and each other). We are, after all, a family of sorts. (Think Fival in An American Tale lol)

I figure I would do twitter as to keep my hand from falling off as I know we can get long winded. Twitter will help me fit more comments this way.

I had been working on it during the “TomSpirit Week” I wanted to try and get your Birthday wishes etc collected and transfer them to paper. I had some crazy times here and am finally able to get seriously down with sending this out. 

I figured since so many of us were involved in the spirit week and always communicating, I wanted to add our wishes to him etc. So… Now I am seeking your comments to send him, I will include your Twitter tag with comment.

My small contribution to the whole Birthday Celebration. I am not as talented in the art area as I once was so this is my way to express appreciation.

Thank You



Hugh Jackman wishes Happy Valentine’s Day. |  x.

My Hugh! 


Happy 33rd Birthday Tom Hiddleston! Feb 9 1981

From everyone on the internet. Thank you for existing, for your very pretty face and for being an overall awesome guy!  [IYou sexy nerdy goofy piece of nom nom I want to get me som som lol]